[thelist] Using SSL ports other than 443

Faust at wwa.com Faust at wwa.com
Mon Apr 9 12:31:24 CDT 2001


Can anyone think of any reason to use ports other than 443 for an 
SSL connection?  

It is my understanding that many firewall have the following 
mandatory requirements: 
a) Only port 443 can be used for an SSL connection 
b) A port number is not allowed to be explicitly specified as a part 
of a URL 

Someone developed a Spectra application that handles login and 
other information for various domains hosted on the same Windows 
2000 server so that each domain has it's own certificate granted via 
Microsoft Certificate Services and it's own unique SSL port.  Thus, 
the URLs look like this <https://www.foo.com:901/bar.cfm>. 


Faust Gertz

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