[thelist] JavaScript -- calculating & printing

lon.kraemer lwkraemer at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 9 17:43:09 CDT 2001


I understand your need to 'bug out of here'. Go, relax, have a brew!

Yea, I use onfocus/onchange (see
http://www.lkraemer.com/quote/estimator.asp), but if the onfocus event
itself changes the input value then onchange is not fired as expected. Thus
the onfocus/onblur route in this case. Seems to work OK. Maybe Jeff will
chime in here and point out any error of my ways.

Lon Kraemer
Web Design/ASP Development
"Simple question? Prepare for many long, complex, WRONG answers!

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> Hi Lon,
> I think you're right with the onsubmit - if I had taken more time I
> would have done things that way.
> I'm not as sure about the focus/blur route ... [I'm fumbling 'cuz I wanna
> bug out of here - got the focus working ... but not the blur ... tried a
> couple of things ... not thinking straight ... maybe tomorrow.]
> It's an interesting functionality -- and I do like the "onchange" for
> drop-downs and (sometimes) radio buttons ... but sometimes I get cranky
> don't like things changing on me until I feel that I have all my input put
> in ... "control issue"? ... maybe ...

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