[thelist] Re: [thelist digest] Authoring CD to autorun in Mac - PC guy need help.

George Dillon evolt at georgedillon.com
Mon Apr 9 22:09:50 CDT 2001

Thanks Martin & Jake for the replies.  Got me thinking afresh and WALLOP!

Jake,  I *think* there is a solution (or two)... and I've 2 more
questions... the solution requires TransMac ( http://www.asy.com ) or maybe
it doesn't... (I'm probably doing this belt 'n' braces stylee)... and as I
have no easy access to anything other than my own old Mac I can't yet tell
if this works for all Macs, but fingers crossed here's howto:...

<solution type="belt">

In CDEverywhere, under the Platform tab there are some Mac advanced options
so there's 2 things to do here:

1. Selecting 'File types' > 'HTML Source' and then 'Edit' brings up a
dialogue which (seemingly) allows the Type and Creator info to be edited.
(For the file type HTML Source by default Type is 'HTML' but creator is
blank).  By some delving (using TransMac) I discovered that the creator code
for NN is "MOSS" whereas the other one is "MSIE".  Since my entire CD is
designed to run as a web browser thang, I also edited the default type to be
HTML MOSS (it was TEXT ttxt.

2. Selecting 'Misc' reveals 2 checkboxes - 'Scan file content to determine
type' (which is unchecked) and 'Include Desktop Database' (which is
checked).  I checked the 'Scan etc.' box.


That may be enough to do it, but here's an additional step by which I also
managed to change the icon for the start.htm file.

<solution type="braces">

1. On the Mac, I formatted a floppy, copied start.htm to it's root, opened
the file in NN and resaved it again as HTML source, and then changed its

2. Using TransMac on the PC I right-clicked the file and checked its
properties before copying it to my PC using BinHex (HQX) (Mac to PC copy
settings under Options).

3. In CDEverywhere I then simply drag'n'dropped the HQX file to the Mac
volume root.... et viola!


Applying the above, my CD now autostarts, double-clicks, or drags'n'drops
(to either browser) OK on my old Mac.

My remaining questions are:

1. What will happen if another user hasn't got NN?  Will they get the same
"What do you want to open this with?" question, or does a Mac which hasn't
got the creator open a file in a default application (e.g. it may use I.E.
for my HTML type files, even though their 'creator' is NN)?

2. Can I somehow copy the FILEID.DAT and OpenFolderListDF_ info using the
TransMac BinHex method so that the folder (also) automatically opens on the
user's desktop? (TransMac indicates 2 items in the root of the floppy -
'OpenFolderListDF_' [FOLD MACS] and 'Desktop' [FNDR ERIK] )... I'm
experimenting with that one now... I've made the image and am about to burn
it... I'll let you know what happens.

George Dillon

> Message: 6
> From: Jacob Stetser <lists at icongarden.com>
> The problem is that CDEverywhere doesn't actually seem to
> write the type/creator information. ......  If anyone
> DOES have a PC solution for burning hybrid CDs that works, great. I'd
> like to know.

> Message: 29
> From: <martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com>
> Part of that meta data is some information about what kind of
> file it is (eg a GIF image), and what application created it. This is very
> nifty, as it lets you associate individual files with applications.

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