[thelist] Apache Configuration Question

Brandon Williams drift at sigmatel.com
Tue Apr 10 12:07:51 CDT 2001

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Chris Johnston wrote:

> And how do I do this? I am really new to Apache. I realize this is probably
> a stupid newbie question. I followed the link that you provide, but I don't
> understand how to go about implementing it. Do I simply add mod_dir to the
> end of the file list in DirectoryIndex?
> Still a little confused.

Your apache config file will probably need at least the following lines:

LoadModule dir_module         path/to/mod_dir.so
AddModule mod_dir.c

You probably also want a DirectoryIndex line like:

DirectoryIndex index.html

This depends on what modules are compiled into your server, though.  I've
never run Apache under Windows, and don't know if it even supports dynamic
shared modules...if not, mod_dir is most likely compiled in, and all you
need is the DirectoryIndex line.

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