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Brandon Williams drift at sigmatel.com
Tue Apr 10 12:17:01 CDT 2001

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Daniel J. Cody wrote:

> <tip type="chown'ing huge directory listings">
> Lets say you have a directory with 20 subdirectorys, /www/1 /www/2
> /www/3 and so on. You need to change the owner of the data directory
> under each of them to 'foo',but dont want to do it manually.(who does
> anything manually witha shell? :) So, we can use a little awk script to
> put it together for us:

Hmm, wouldn't it be simpler to use a glob to do this?  Like so:

[root at chaos www]# ls
1/  2/  3/
[root at chaos www]# chown nobody */data

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