[thelist] Re: [site rippers? - conclusion]

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Tue Apr 10 16:42:46 CDT 2001

reporting back --


thanks to rob on the suggestion, but i added blackwidow to the heap of
others (6-8) i tried.

teleport pro still seemed to do the best job .. and more reliably.

alas, it still didn't get the on state for mouseovers -- but it did recreate
the site structure as is on the live server.

on a side note, it kind of surprises me that javascript links aren't crawled
by any that i've seen.


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> lo all -
> was curious if anyone had any good reports about site ripping utilities --
> ie: do they rip the css/rollovers/etc.
> i've tried a couple (read: few) and haven't really been satisfied.
> any suggestions?
> matt.
> matt at sweetillusions.org
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