[thelist] Calling wav file via JS

Martin Kuplens-Ewart martin at graphicist.com
Tue Apr 10 16:58:36 CDT 2001

If i may jump in, i was wondering the same thing... as chris... just
didn't wanna say it. hehe

my reason for using it would be for a mouseOver... to play a
1.something second .wav... basically a signature jingle as it were
[like the intel pentium one.. da-dee-da-bom...*bell*"

cross-platform, cross-browser, happy-clappy, no-plugin. :P


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> chris,
> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> : From: CDitty
> :
> : Can someone give me some quick code to
> : call a wav file via JS?
> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> please be more specific...
> what browsers do you need to support?
> what platforms do you need to support?
> do you need to preload it and have it play when a certain event
> does it have to work without plug-ins?
> if you need really wide support, don't wanna hassle your users with
> plug-ins, and it doesn't need to be tied to an event, then what's
wrong with
> this?
> <a href="mywavfile.wav">Listen</a>
> otherwise, by far the most cross-browser, cross-platform, scriptable
> is the beatnik player:
> http://www.beatnik.com/
> thanks,
> .jeff

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