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A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Tue Apr 10 17:25:42 CDT 2001

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> The contractor we've hired to do a lot of our work got smart
> after doing a fixed-price project that took about four months
> longer than they expected. They now give us fairly loose
> estimates based on how many hours of work they think something
> might take and then charge us by the hour.

I'm curious how people feel about doing this. Just because something is
project-priced doesn't mean it can go on forever. When a client signs my
contract, they're also signing a timeline. However, I start itching when it
comes to these issues because I wonder where my leeway is.

Same with estimates. Yes, it's an estimate, but I don't like to go over it.
What about the well-meaning and sincere client who has simply gone over the
estimate? Do you always charge it back? How do you approach these

As a freelancer, this is one of those things that I guess you just get a
feel for but I'd like to hear how others do it. I worry about money issues
affecting the creative, back-and-forth relationship that I've already
developed with a client.

- amanda

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