[thelist] Re: [site rippers? - conclusion]

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Tue Apr 10 19:22:42 CDT 2001

>From: matt newell
>one major reason is for archival purposes.
>another major reason (in my case right now):
>we've ended a relationship with a current client, handed off the proper
>items and generally washed our hands of them.

Erm... Matt, isn't this a massive copyright violation? Does your contract
with these clients allow you to load and run their entire site locally?
Especially now that the contract has ended? As for former employers, I would
think that you'd also want to check your contract for intellectual property

>the portion of the site we developed was only a small piece of 
>the whole puzzle -- we wanted to show the whole puzzle, but didn't 
>have access to their servers to dl a whole copy easily.

Do you have permission to copy the code that other contractors wrote?

>not having access to another companies servers /is/ common, as 

So they can protect their intellectual property, right? 

>the other major reason i can think of would be general offline 
>browsing .. online books/long reports/presentations/etc. make 
>for a nice read in the park when you dont have a net connection 
>to view them on demand.

That is much more defensible and I think in the spirit of the ripper's
intended use.

I don't have any legal background or anything, I'm just checking.

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