[thelist] Re: [site rippers? - conclusion]

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Tue Apr 10 20:53:52 CDT 2001

i would answer your original question myself david, but after reading the
responses already .. its all good.

i was jumping around possibly on the same thread - but i'll say all the
legalities for what my uses are, are written into contracts. yay for the legal

its the web, not mp3z :).

big up the orange ppop,


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:: Nate and Judah --
:: Just to clarify:
:: It's probably more a question of my not knowing exactly what Matt was
:: referring to. The way I read his email, it sounded to me like he might be
:: getting intranet stuff or stuff not in production.
:: If it's all public web stuff, then yeah, there's no copyright violation, I
:: know that.
:: David
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