[thelist] Recommend a Server Side Language?

Shashank Tripathi shanx at shanx.com
Tue Apr 10 22:21:27 CDT 2001

 |  To tell you the truth I won't use any of those anymore because
 |  I discovered
 |  Zope (http://www.zope.org)* a month ago. I know, it is not really well
 |  known, it's not as easy to find cheap hosting. The community is
 |  smaller than
 |  the one, for instance, of php.

Hi Phillipe,

Just a minor semantic correction..Zope is a content management system
written in a server side language called Python (www.python.org). Zope has
its own server side markup API though, which can be used to author pages
that fit in within the gamut of their overall system.

That said, Zope rocks. But considering leaving PHP for Zope? My requirements
would have to pretty limited! PHP gives me XSLT, WDDX, DotNet, DOMXML...ok,
I need to stop.


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