[thelist] Recommend a Server Side Language?

Marc Seyon seyon at carib-link.net
Tue Apr 10 23:22:47 CDT 2001

At 4/10/2001 08:51 AM, you wrote:
To add to Ryan's comments, should you decide that ASP is the path you're 
going to follow,

>Having no prior programming experience I found the ASP syntax to be very 
>straight forward and easy to learn.

Ditto for me. Similar 'no-programming' background.

>  I wouldn't use ULTRADev or a similar app which generates the ASP, I
>would just open up homesite and go code happy.

Generated code is never good when you're learning. Cause you never learn 
the language.

>Use the following reference site...

Also handy for me was 4guysfromrolla.com.
A well laid-out, easy to understand, example-laden book was 'SAMS Teach 
Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0', written by same authors as above site.


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