[thelist] js - top left coordinates of a browser window?

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Wed Apr 11 03:47:53 CDT 2001

phil wrote:
>>> Is there a way to retrieve the top left coordinates of a browser window
>>> within the clients monitor. I assume javascript could do this, but I'm not
>>> sure of the code. This needs to be reliable even if the client has moved the
>>> browser window around in their monitor window, and working for IE and NN.
> sorry, badly explained, I meant the top left coordinates of the window,
> relative to the top left point of the clients screen.
> Joshua suggested window.screenTop and window.screenLeft but I'm having
> diffculties getting IE5/Mac to work.

Maybe this then.
FAQ 1416 How can I open a popup window and position it relative to the
existing window?

Not sure how this would impact IE5/Mac though...

Wish I could be more helpful...

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