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Christopher Orth - HQ corth at casey.org
Wed Apr 11 05:03:43 CDT 2001

The new Jeffery Veen book "The Art and Science of Web Design" is a must
read, especially if you are new to the field.  Veen is one of the people who
actually "gets" that a web designer is not a back end nor a graphics person,
but something in between.  Lots of history and perspective in there for you

I would also recommend some books on data and information structuring.  When
all is said and done, you BUILD web sites in photoshop and ASP (or
whatever), but you DESIGN them in your mind and on paper and in
collaborative work groups.  

Try these:

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Visual Explanations and
Envisioning Information by Edward Tufte
Experiences in Visual Thinking - McKim
The 21st Century Intranet - Jennifer Stone Gonzales
Data Modeling for  Information Professionals - Bob Schmidt
Designing Web Usability - Jakob Nielsen
Information Design - Robert Jacobson
Design of Everyday Things - Donald Norman
How to use your eyes - James Belkins

.... read all or some of them, then forget you did, pull out some paper and
pencils and start designing!   


Christopher Orth - Webmaster
Casey Family Programs

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I first want to thank you all for sending me links to
web sites to learn from :) I would like to ask one
more question(I promise last one). I am new to web
design and was wondering what some of your favorite
books and magazines are in regards to web design?  I
appreciate all of your help.  Take care

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