[thelist] What would you do?

Rebekah Murphy bekah at nightvisions.com
Wed Apr 11 13:00:30 CDT 2001

bart wrote: 
> If we were as involved and knowledgable about what we
> wanted (and had more time), we'd do it ourselves.

In in the vast majority of cases, the result would look 
like the digital equivilant of a homemade haircut. Design 
is an art form that requires a great deal of skill 
and practice. People hire me because no amount of 
knowledge or time would ever give them the skills to make 
a profesional web site. 

I can hold a pair of scissors, and am physically capable 
to cut hair, but I do not have the talent to do more than 
a very basic trim.

<tip type="photoshop 6" author="Bekah">
You can make a text box by clicking and draging with 
the text tool on a new layer. That way you no longer have 
to enter hard returns when you want the text to wrap. 
The text box remains resizable.

(I came back from Seybold yesterday with about 10 lbs 
of magizines and flyers and am slowly wading throught it)
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