[thelist] Formatting Plain Text Email... ASP

Tab Alleman talleman at autobex.com
Wed Apr 11 13:14:00 CDT 2001

Are you really really really sure it's the Replace() that's not working?
Because that looks right, but when you start using apostrophes with ASP, you
frequently run into issues where you prematurely close a string.

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Hi All..

I am working on a ASP script that emails some database content to a user. I
am sending the email in plain text and the content has some HTML formatting
that I need to convert into 'plain text format'

I am having problems with the portions of the content that contain '
which renders a '  in HTML

I am using the following to replace ' with a single '  but it's not

theBody = Replace(theBody, "'", "'")

Can anyone fill me in on why this doesn't convert ..

Corporation's   into    Corporation's

Unfortunately I am getting the content from a third party syndicate and
cannot control the original formatting.

Thanks for any help

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