[thelist] Formatting Plain Text Email... ASP

Ryan Mayberry Ryan at applicor.com
Wed Apr 11 13:58:55 CDT 2001

>From: Tab Alleman [mailto:talleman at autobex.com]
>Are you really really really sure it's the Replace() that's not working?

Yeah.. I'm pretty sure it's the Replace() that's not working, but am not
smart enough to say 100%.. I'm also replacing chr(10) with vbcr&vbcr on the
same variable which works like a charm.

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Hi All..

I am working on a ASP script that emails some database content to a user. I
am sending the email in plain text and the content has some HTML formatting
that I need to convert into 'plain text format'

I am having problems with the portions of the content that contain '
which renders a '  in HTML

I am using the following to replace ' with a single '  but it's not

theBody = Replace(theBody, "'", "'")

Can anyone fill me in on why this doesn't convert ..

Corporation's   into    Corporation's

Unfortunately I am getting the content from a third party syndicate and
cannot control the original formatting.

Thanks for any help

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