[thelist] Info for High School Students

Martin Kuplens-Ewart martin at graphicist.com
Wed Apr 11 14:58:10 CDT 2001

Being a highschool student myself, and having had the experience of
helping other students create a website for our school, I have learned
that among the most important things to teach students are:
    -  Don't use flashiness... If you have five animations going at
once, chances are it's 5 too many.
    -  Pick colours wisely... Most students pick nasty, garish colours
with absolutely no idea as to what combinations work...

...most important, however:

Good luck! <--- you'll need it. :P


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Greetings All,

I was just contacted by a local high school, to come and talk to a class

about web design.

These kids apparently are wanting to learn how to build "professional"

I have a few ideas about some topics I'd like to cover with them, but I
wondering what anyone else, given the opportunity would discuss?

Thanks in advance!


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