[thelist] Info for High School Students

Marc Seyon seyon at carib-link.net
Wed Apr 11 15:50:15 CDT 2001

At 4/11/2001 03:02 PM, you wrote:
>Hi David,
>They want hands on

Possibly because they view it as something you can jump straight into, no 
prior knowledge required.

>I also want to talk to them about the aspects of web design you aren't 
>going to find in the instruction manual of a software program.

good for you!!

>They recently purchased Dreamweaver, and unfortunately the teacher doesn't 
>even have a clue how to use it.

Your talk should definitely include that Dreamweaver or any other WYSIWYG 
editor is not a good way to get started. IMO It's (barely) permissible for 
experienced developers. Not at all for beginners.

It's like learning math by learning to press '2' '+' '2' on a calculator 
and seeing '4'.


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