[thelist] Good place to start learning JSP?

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An excelent book is Professional Java Server Programming by Wrox. It rules!!

Another very good book on Java and JSP is Thinking in JAVA,  by Bruce Eckel.
You can get that book for free too at www.bruceeckel.com

Although having the *book* is much more cute :-)

Good luck and welcome to the world of the beans :-)


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> > I am thinking of learning JSP and am wondering where to begin. I am also
> > wondering if there are any free JSP web servers that I can download and
> > install on my computer (win2k pro running apache).
> Well, the obvious choice for you is Tomcat, from the Apache/Jakarta group
> (http://jakarta.apache.org/).  I installed the latest JDK, then their
> download and was working stand-alone in 15 minutes.
> In the "real world", you'd want to configure things so that your Apache
> server delivers static content (HTML, etc) and Tomcat serves the .JSP
> I never got that going - it wasn't necessary to learn JSP.
> One warning I have about Tomcat that I've seen with Jrun as well -
> get loaded and stay around forever.  When I updated a bean, the engine
> wouldn't reload the new bean.  This forced me to shut down the server and
> start it up again.
> > I have found a few intro
> > tutorials regarding JSP but am looking for some good website or book
> > suggestions.
> I think this depends on how well you know Java.  I liked "Pure JSP" from
> SAMS.  It went over things in a pretty easy to follow manner and has a
> class reference section in the back.  Other books I saw had too much Java
> 101 type stuff.
> The book went through setting Access up for use with JDBC and has some
> stuff on JavaMail.
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