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mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Apr 11 21:51:26 CDT 2001

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>  Call Allaire/macromedia and have them pony up some homesite...
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Allaire offers/ed K12s a discount on Homesite, but I've never tracked down
how much that discount would actually be. You gotta do some significant hoop
jumping, and in my case it was just easier to buy from Microwarehouse and
get reimbursed.

Macromedia, on the other hand has always offered educational facilities and
staff killer deals on their development tools. Most can be had through
Macromedia directly, but you can also get the same price from
Microwarehouse, which is hand if you're ordering other stuff. The only hitch
is that the educationally-priced Dreamweaver doesn't come with the
stand-alone editor (BBEdit or Homesite). It's not a huge deal, but worth

Now that the twain have met, perhaps there will be some changes. But sheesh,
for $89, Homesite's a pretty screamin deal already.


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