[thelist] Keeping Pop-up Windows always on top?

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> I don't, however, have a really good alternative solution. What 
> do you want 
> these pop-ups always on top for? What are they going to be used 
> for? Maybe 
> the design of your page could benefit from a different approach.
> --CM

It does have value, for example in my work, where the ability
to build a 'bare-bones' media player is very valuable and (many) 
users want it nailed to the glass.

So, to actually answer the question:

In Netscape 4.x, go to home.netscape.com and look for the
docs on allowing 'always on top' windows. You'll need a
code certificate.

In IE5+, the MS site has a load of information about HTX
applications, which are quite similar, except for also
permitting irregularly-shaped windows.  I don't know about


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