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Jason E. Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Thu Apr 12 10:27:32 CDT 2001

Tiff wrote:

> interface design? I've tried reading some software books like "About Face"
> by Alan Cooper but I'm not working with software, I'm working with web apps.
> Are there any good sites out there that address this? It seems that I am

i'm no information architect, but i am an architect.  and i was trained to look
at the bigger picture and synthesize information with respect to fundamental
concepts.  rather than employing the "i'm not working with software, i'm working
with web apps" attitude, find out what conceptual ideas are the basis for
working with software and use the same or similar concepts (with regard to info.
architecture in general) to begin to narrow your focus and produce a truly
innovative and groundbreaking philosophy.

i have a book by Richard Saul Wurman, i believe simply called "information
architecture," that really begins to transcend the above specificities by
delving into information architects who are employed in a multitude of realms,
from print & the internet to the *simple* process of explaining "the way things
work" (which is another wonderful book by david mccauly if you're interested).
"info architecture" is a fantastic book for anyone that is somewhat obsessive /
compulsive about organization, and it has some fundamental concepts that i
believe would help anyone in the design / architectural realm.


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