[thelist] MS Access question

Ryan Carmody carmodyryan at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 12 12:43:23 CDT 2001

>outta curiosity, didja open Access and run that SQL statement?

I don't know where to run it in access...that's what I'm asking.

>and do you need to do this via scripting from a web app?  or are
>you trying to re-use some SQL statements?

I'm actually just testing the statements locally before I run them on an SQL 

>From: "Ryan Carmody" <carmodyryan at hotmail.com>
>Does anyone know if it's possible to create a table in MS Access using
>SQL like CREATE TABLE [dbo].[calendar_category] (
>  [calendar_category_ID] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,
>  [agent_ID] [int] NULL ,
>  [calendar_category_descr] [varchar] (20) NULL
>If so how?

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