[thelist] Dreamweaver deletes my tags

John Bedard John.Bedard at trw.com
Thu Apr 12 13:07:33 CDT 2001

Thanks, but I decided to bag it. I'm working on a new, standards-compliant version of the site. I haven't had this problem in other sites I've worked on in DW, so I suspect the problem is caused by the code I've cobbled together for the existing site (I haven't used DW's built-in behaviors, so I'm pretty sure that's the problem). Rather than go crazy trying to debug it any further, I'm going to move on. If I come up with a page that validates and still loses tags in DW I'll repost the request.



>>> dreamweaver at vtco.com 04/12/01 02:06AM >>>

I have been using Dreamweaver since version 1.2 and have never experienced
this problem. If you want to mail me the page I'm more than happy to take a
look at the code.



 John Bedard wrote:

> > Can anyone tell me why Dreamweaver 4 deletes my </head> and <body> tags?
> When I manually insert them back in, DW highlights them as invalid markup.
> >
> > My files still display in the browser but I'm initializing a dropdown
> in the body tag, so it doesn't fire off.

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