[thelist] Beginner's ASP...

Eric Engelmann eric at geonetric.com
Thu Apr 12 13:16:23 CDT 2001

A couple possibilities, though I've not seen this error before:

* Is there a password on the database? (Tools...security)

* Does the new dir you put the file in have permissions for this (I think
IUSR has to have read/write to it... not sure exactly)

* Try using a non-DSN connection, instead of DSN to see if you get the same
error, might help in troubleshooting? Change your path as needed to match
your database.

	"Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};



	(You might need to use a different OLEDB number like .3.5.1, I think,
depending on the MDAC your ISP has installed -- that's the data access
components and the 4.0 version is for Access 2k, I think.)

* Is the database file itself 'Read Only' in Windows Explorer?

- Eric

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