[thelist] Quick javascript question

Saidi; Marwan msaidi at ced-concord.com
Thu Apr 12 16:23:09 CDT 2001

Pretty sure that you need to have onSubmit=FormRedirect(). If you need any
arguments for FormRedirect, put them between the parenthesis. I think that
should do it.

Marwan Saidi
CED - Concord IS
msaidi at ced-concord.com

Janet Green sat down, thought things over, and said....

I have this bit of js in my <head> tags...

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function FormRedirect(){
setTimeout ('this.document.location.href = "work_tables.html"',5000);}

but I inadvertantly *erased* the string that goes in the <input
type="submit" onSubmit="SOMETHING I ERASED"> portion down in the form. Since
I am a copy-and-paster, instead of an actual script writer, can someone fill
in the "redirect" statement for me that went here? I've been on and off this
project all day, trying to make two events happen onSubmit, and now have
erased the one that will get me OFF this page once and for all - LOL. 

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