[thelist] Quick javascript question

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Thu Apr 12 16:43:39 CDT 2001

At 02:31 PM 4/12/2001, you wrote:

><form name="aedcform" method="post"
>action="mailto:jgreen at desmoinesmetro.com" enctype="text/plain"
>onSubmit="return checkrequired(this)"; "FormRedirect()">
>This is supposed to check/prompt for incomplete fields, THEN submit the
>form, THEN redirect the visitor. It's doing everything except redirecting

Change this:

         onSubmit="return checkrequired(this)"; "FormRedirect()">

to this:

         onSubmit="return checkrequired(this); FormRedirect();">

Too many double quotes.

Anthony Baratta
Keyboard Jockeys

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