[thelist] Can't get CSS to work

Chris Evans chris at fuseware.com
Thu Apr 12 19:13:10 CDT 2001

So I finally am working on a project where it is acceptable to have the site
look like crap in 3.x browsers, as long as it looks decent in 4+ browsers.
We are also distributing the application, and want our clients to be able to
easily modify the look and feel.  Sounds like a swell use for CSS!

But I can't get it to work for simple things across browsers.  My initial
testing is in NS 4.7, NS 6.1, and IE 5.0 on Win 2k.  This is more first
attempt at doing all the look and feel in CSS, and I am failing miserably.
I use "text-align:center" in one class applied to a TD, and it left aligns
my table in NS4.7.  I can't get a class to overwrite my default link styles
teh same way in all three browsers.

I am trying to avoid using my old stand-bys like FONT tags in A tags to
overwrite the fonts, and align attributes in my tables.  I'm trying to do
too much, or is it my ignorance of CSS, do you think?  How much old-school
stylin' do I still have to use to get things to work cross-browser?

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

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