[thelist] Can't get CSS to work

Tamara Abbey Abbey at abbeyink.com
Thu Apr 12 21:36:25 CDT 2001

One thing I've noticed with NN is you have to define every stinking thing. 
There is no *cascade* in NN.

Have you tried table class="footer" as well as td class="footer"? And, if 
that doesn't work, then the div class=center or div class=footer might work.

In addition to the w3c validator, I've also had tons of fun with the 
tutorials at http://www.w3schools.com/ -- the css tutorials have on-line 
examples that you can play with and if you go in Netscape it immediately 
tells you what won't work. Kinda disappointing, but still fun to play with 
the different selectors.

>In Netscape 4.7, the text is centered, but the table is left justified.
>Obviously something buggy in NS4.7.  What is the best way to work around
>this, without resorting to using <center> tags in the text?
>PS - Expect a lot more of these questions coming down the pipe as I flail
>around helplessly in the CSS morass, trying to learn to tread water.

<ta />

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