[thelist] Can't get CSS to work

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 13 03:01:16 CDT 2001

>But I can't get it to work for simple things across browsers.  My initial 
>testing is in NS 4.7, NS 6.1, and IE 5.0 on Win 2k.  This is more first 
>attempt at doing all the look and feel in CSS, and I am failing miserably. 
>I use "text-align:center" in one class applied to a TD, and it left aligns 
>my table in NS4.7.  I can't get a class to overwrite my default link styles 
>teh same way in all three browsers.

Netscape 4 has terrible trouble with styles for tables and forms, as you 
have already found out. After much consideration I've decided to retain the 
old faithful ALIGN and VALIGN attributes in the TD's, since the CSS 
equivalents won't reliably work in Netscape 4.

>I am trying to avoid using my old stand-bys like FONT tags in A tags to 
>overwrite the fonts, and align attributes in my tables.

Fonts are easy and well supported. If you want to give the entire page the 
same font, don't do

BODY {font: whatever;}

instead do something like

P,LI,TD {font: whatever;}

Netscape 4 has trouble with fonts declared for the BODY, it can lose track 
of these declarations for any reason.

>I'm trying to do too much, or is it my ignorance of CSS, do you think?  How 
>much old-school  stylin' do I still have to use to get things to work 

The problem is that you've started doing CSS at a moment where other people 
start to think CSS for Netscape 4 is just too much trouble. Try to do 
everything by CSS, test in Netscape 4 first, and if it really a problem that 
it doesn't work, use old-style HTML. But be prepared to accept some minor 
breaking of styles in Netscape 4.


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