[thelist] Auctions

Cancilla Dominick cancilla.d at buckconsultants.com
Fri Apr 13 12:54:28 CDT 2001

I had a request to add auctions to one of the Websites that I administer.
I've got two questions regarding this:

1) If anyone out there has experience with running auctions from their site,
I'd like to know if it made your life a living hell in one way or another
(customer service, liability, etc.).

2) If we do decide to go ahead and run auctions, I'd like to know if there
are any software packages out there (for either Unix or NT) which I can use.
Even better would be a service that ran the software themselves and gave me
an account (like Infopop does for discussion groups). 

I'm certainly open to all suggestions.


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