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Fri Apr 13 13:00:53 CDT 2001

On Fri, 13 Apr 2001 11:35:49 -0400, thelist at lists.evolt.org wrote:

>  I decided to go with px to determine my font sizes in CSS.  Everything
>  good on both Mac and Win, NS and IE.  On NS on Linux and Solaris (gotta
>  target that hidden, deep-pocketed Solaris crowd, ya know!), the font is
>  teensy-tiny.  


I maintain an intranet site and about 60% of my visitors are on
Solaris and the rest are on HP-UX with a smattering of Win95. I found
that the same page looked different between the two flavors of UNIX, 
HP-UX looked about the same as the PCs, but Solaris indeed qualififed
as fine print. I went from pt to px and it helped, but. . . . I've
also used a different style sheet for Solaris. Here's what I used
to snoop out the OS:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">    

function Is() {
var agent  = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
this.win   = (agent.indexOf("win")!=-1);
this.sun   = (agent.indexOf("sunos")!=-1);
this.hp    = (agent.indexOf("hp-ux")!=-1);

var is = new Is();



<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">  

if (is.win) { window.location ="index_default.html"; }
else if (is.hp) { window.location ="index_default.html"; }
else { window.location ="index_sunos.html"; }


Worked pretty well. 


Terry Fowler

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