[thelist] learning information architecture

Patrick Berry pberry at piratehaven.org
Fri Apr 13 14:03:08 CDT 2001

>>> Tiff had the thought that... <<<

> How does a (visual) designer learn to do information architecture/user
> interface design? I've tried reading some software books like "About Face"
> by Alan Cooper but I'm not working with software, I'm working with web apps.
> Are there any good sites out there that address this? It seems that I am
> learning by doing but I just wonder if there are some resources available
> that would make the learning process a little less painful. Thanks in
> advance,
> Tiffany

Trial and error.
Lots of reading
   * Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
   * Designing Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen

Also the other replies had a lots of good information as well.  These
are just the ones that I didn't already see posted.

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