[thelist] [SQL] tough concatenation

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Fri Apr 13 19:26:15 CDT 2001

> okay, now you really only want one row -- specifically, one where all the
> column values are different, except there are 24 of those, so pick the one
> that has them in ascending sequence...
>   select a.w, b.w, c.w, d.w
>     from theTable a, theTable b, theTable c, theTable d
>   where a.w > b.w and b.w > c.w and c.w > d.w
> voila

rock... though, I'd need to know the number of rows beforehand. ick.

> okay, now what was the problem again about stringing them together in asp?

Nuttin' I guess. I just figured that if there was a SQL function that could
do it, i wouldn't have to return a 50-row result set for my... ummm...
widget pats... just to concatenate them all into one value.

Recordset.GetString(...) will work and the resultset won't have to be
accessed at all from ASP... so, semi-smooth.

Thanks, rude.


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