[thelist] What to charge for web design

Dreamscape Interactive Web Design sherrie at dreamscapeinteractive.com
Fri Apr 13 21:18:46 CDT 2001

Hi all:

I recently went into web design full-time and have several potential clients
interested in sites. I have been designing sites for free just to get a
samples of my work out there, and was recently awarded the bid for my town's
chamber of commerce site which I am doing at cost, i.e. next to nothing. I
agreed to do it for peanuts for the advertising it will give my business and
now I have a lot of businesses interested but I have not a clue as to what
to charge them. I do not want to charge a lot, because I'm starting out, but
I quit my day job because - and this is true - they laid off  the entire
staff and left me to do all the work by myself with no raise or promotion.
The business was going under, and I had just had enough. Now, I have to make
REAL money with my web sites in order to pay my bills. The site in question
is for a state police post who already said they would pay me, just not how
much. I desperately need advice on what to charge, for example, a straight
six-page site with graphics etc. It would be a user-friendly (aka -plain)
site for the general public that may have old computers and browsers. A
public-service police site.
Also, how much should I charge for Flash sites? I had not planned on
starting the web design business full-time until later this year, but when
my job went belly-up, I decided to give it a shot.
All advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Sherrie Grady
sherrie at dreamscapeinteractive.com

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