[thelist] CSS: Unix and font sizes

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at 123piano.com
Sat Apr 14 08:13:03 CDT 2001

> from zeldman --
>     "Use nothing. Do not specify font sizes at all, and let
>     the browser's stylistic defaults and the visitor's preferences
>     take care of the relative size relationships. This approach
>     has been so well explained in The DAO of Web Design,
>     that we won't bother to summarize it here; instead, we'll
>     merely remind you of the link: www.alistapart.com/stories/dao/"

<no flame intented>
I either use nothing, or I use the deprecated <font> tag. This may sounds
stupid, but I don't care about the fact it is deprecated, the fact is that
it's a simple and *working* solution. When "em", "%" or "pt" will work, I
will use them. In the mean time, I won't bother with this anymore (let me
add that I used to).
</no flame>

Philippe (who knows he may get a lot of reactions on this syntaxical

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