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Bart Posselt bposselt at dineout.org
Sat Apr 14 08:30:07 CDT 2001

I'm sure someone has a better idea about the cause and will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the _notes directories are for XML notes DW uses to keep track of some of some of the things you're doing. Like maybe if you're using the DW FTP client to upload, or if you're using the check-in/check-out feature. 


<<< zac at pixelgeek.com  4/13 10:47p >>>
I think this was brought up before but I don't remember what, if any,
solution was presented.

Does anyone know how to get DW4 (Windows 2000) to stop putting _notes
directories in all your projects?

I've disabled it in the prefs and also in each of the projects but it still
adds the directories no matter what I do.



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