[thelist] Rewrite rule "translator"

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at 123piano.com
Sat Apr 14 12:59:33 CDT 2001


Is there a mod_rewrite guru here? I'd like to understand how this works
because I need to "rewrite" my site. I have zope running on port 8080, and
apache on standard port 80. And it sooo complex for a newbie ;-)

I'd like to redirect
www.123piano.com -> www.123piano.com:8080/piano

So my zope content would be served insted of the static apache.

How could this be done with a rewrite rule? Is it possible? (it must be, it
seems simple, but I don't understand mod_rewrite very well)

Is it possible to have such a rule in an .htaccess file? I don't have access
to other apache configs...


Or I could use the pcgi interface of zope (but this seems to be quite
This would mean something like :

www.123piano.com -> /home/jadin243/web/zope/Zope.cgi/

And here comes my rewrite rule :

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule   ^/$  /home/jadin243/web/zope/Zope.cgi/  [R]

Could you help me to understand this rule? I adapted it from another one,
and I'm not too sure how to make it works. It should also pass
authentifiacation headers to the cgi. (What a mess ;-)

Thanks a lot !

Philippe Jadin

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