[thelist] Rewrite rule "translator"

Joshua Olson joshua at alphashop.net
Sat Apr 14 16:50:44 CDT 2001

I'm not familiar with Zope, but I am with ColdFusion.  In ColdFusion you
could do this by means of the cfhttp tag, which reads in the content of a
page from *anywhere* in the internet and stores it into a variable.  Then
you would output that variable to the user.  If Zope has a similar function
then you might be able to do something along those lines.

The limitation to this method, however, that that form "POST"'S may be
difficult if not impossible to make work in general.

So, this technique (if it does exist in Zope) may be one avenue available to
you, though I have trouble seeing how it would work in practice.

Just my 2cents.


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> By the way, isn't there any solution to do the same, but instead of
> redirecting the user, sending him the content from the port 8080,
> but having
> the normal adress shown in the borwser adress? Maybe a rewrite rule?
> Thanks,
> Philippe

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