[thelist] email address harvesters

Martin Kuplens-Ewart martin at graphicist.com
Sat Apr 14 20:35:10 CDT 2001

Umm, you could always try it.. :P

I have a feeling that they either just pull anything with something
before and after an "@"... Would be smaller code than searching for <a
href="/            /"> <-- where the stuff between / and / is pulled....

...umm, there was a site I saw a while back where they had a tiny
javascript that turned every character in an email address such as
martin at graphicist.com into %-codes. [such as the %20 for a space... Ya
know the ones that are used in url conversion or whatever... Hmpf...
Blah... I can't really explain it... Someone else take over. :P

Anyway, the theory with that is that since it doesn't have a legible
email address in the source [which is what the email rippers/whatever
supposedly use, you're safe from that kinda stuff...

Oh, and while on the subject of masking... Check out this wickedly funny
website, dedicated to the 'phenomenon' of Backwards Masking in Music. :)


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I seem to have had my email address harvested from my site alot
recently. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me whether the spammers
look for the rendered text or the code? I've seen people doing "name at
site dot org" but with the regular email address in the href. Are they
just being cheecky or are they fooling someone?

- amanda

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