[thelist] [fwd] Applying styles to TD...

Klerman Gutierrez klerman at cdsmillennium.com
Sat Apr 14 23:43:20 CDT 2001

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This is my first post to the list, even though I'm
a regular reader.
This time I'm having fun, to say the least, trying to
figure out why NN 4.61 TDs ignore the inheritance of
Say I write a BODY with a font style defined for it,
and the texts in its TDs appear in the default browser=20
The text in DIVs take care of the BODY's style, and if
I apply a style directly to the TD, all works fine.
What's more, to TDs I have to apply styles defined
in a STYLE tag. Styles declared in a STYLE attribute
are ignored by TDs.
Is there any hidden trick with NN TDs so one can
trust in the inheritance effect for styles ?.


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