[thelist] [fwd] Applying Styles to <SELECT> elements in Netscape ???

Matthew Fessenden matthew.fessenden at dittybase.com
Sat Apr 14 23:48:55 CDT 2001

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I'm trying to change the font, font color and bgcolor of a <SELECT>
specifically, a list of options that can be selected and added to a search

I can do all of this using CSS in Netscape 6, and IE 4 and above (works
great), but no luck with Netscape 4.5 and above; is this just a Netscape
deficiency? Is there any way to apply styles (background color, font face,
etc) to a <SELECT> element in Netscape?

Thanks for any help.

Matthew.Fessenden at dittybase.com
Creative Director, Dittybase Inc.


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