[thelist] What to charge for web design

Peter Van Dijck peter at vardus.com
Sun Apr 15 07:26:26 CDT 2001

Golden tip:
if you charge a little, the perceived value of your work is small.
If you charge a lot, the perceived value is big.
This means that charging a lot makes the client respect you.

How to charge a lot: detail what you're using the money for. The more 
detail, the better. Detail every step (write a template) and say how much 
it costs. Don't include usability testing for small projects because the 
client will want to skip it.

Buy the book "web project management". from Ashley Friedlein.
It may not interest you much (you're probably more interested in just doing 
the coding), and it's geared towards bigger projects, but it's a must. It 
could save your starting business.

And good luck!
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