[thelist] Note to all members (list admin)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 15 10:10:52 CDT 2001


A few digest subscribers, as well as regular list subscribers, have 
noted that lately people are not trimming their posts. It's become 
quite apparent in the last week or so.

I wanted to remind everyone that when you reply to a post, you 
should trim out the footers, irrelevent headers, and irrelevent parts 
of the post to which you are replying.  There would be a lot of 
appreciative people out there. 

I've asked a few people offlist, but I felt it was time for the general 
reminder again.  If anyone has any questions *why* we request this 
of our subscribers, feel free to ask me offlist.

In the meantime, a great reference for mailing list email formatting 
is at: 

Thanks much, 
on behalf of evolt.org 

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