[thelist] [fwd] How do I get a search engine to add me to the search?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 15 13:17:35 CDT 2001

> From: "Thyne Own Evilklown" <buffness69 at hotmail.com>
> How do I get a search engine to add me to the search? I have META tags
> on my site and I have registered with many search engines (Yahoo!,
> AltaVista) but when I search for my site I can never find it. Is there
> a trick?

search engines use a heckuva lot more than just META tags to 
index a page... these include:
 - <title> tags...
 - properly formatted <meta> tags...
 - use of <h#> tags...
 - relevence of content on the page...
 - wariness of indexing pages with known spam tricks...

so, put all that together, and you may find your page does not 
make itself easy for engines to index, or it uses techniques that 
will penalize it...

first thing you can do, check your logs... any spiders hit your site?  
which ones?

if not, how long ago did you submit?  less than 90 days?

if so, why might they have not liked it?  frames?  navigation reliant 
on JavaScript or form elements?  light content that doesn't match 
the meta tags?  are the keywords you want already super-
saturated on the web?

so, take a look at your overall content, and make sure it warrants 
being indexed first and foremost... requesting an index will not 
guarantee a listing, or a result from a keyword you want...

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