[thelist] [fwd] How do I get a search engine to add me to the search?

zac zac at pixelgeek.com
Sun Apr 15 13:19:25 CDT 2001

Martin Kuplens-Ewart wrote:

> The obvious choice is to submit your site
> to the search engine used by the most people out there.. Unfortunately
> people's habits are unpredictable and so we have to go with the
> [second]-best option... DMOZ,

YMMV warnings but in my experience the vast majority of the search engine
referrals I get on my sites are from Yahoo.

> But yah, DMOZ.org is probably the way to go... I
> know I love it... But then, I'm an editor too, so I suppose I'm biased.

Does anyone else have any experience with referrals from DMOZ? Or any sort
of experience? 


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