[thelist] [fwd] How do I get a search engine to add me to thesearch?

Beldamar brad at beldamar.com
Sun Apr 15 19:07:42 CDT 2001

!> The obvious choice is to submit your site
!> to the search engine used by the most people out there.. Unfortunately
!> people's habits are unpredictable and so we have to go with the
!> [second]-best option... DMOZ,

!YMMV warnings but in my experience the vast majority of the search engine
!referrals I get on my sites are from Yahoo.

I believe Yahoo was what was being referred to as the first option.
However, Yahoo can be difficult to get listed on. You can, of course, pay
yahoo and you will get listed quickly.
It was also mentioned earlier in this thread to make sure your content,
titles, and meta tags are in order. All search engines rate sites according
to certain criteria. And unfortunately they don't all use the same criteria.
You can find a list of criteria for most of the major engines here

There are many resources for this type of information.
You may want to try checking each search engines faq for getting listed.
This information changes very often so it is best to check the sites'
requirements before believing what others have to say.

Ok here is the big thing that is almost always overlooked.

Link popularity is the most important things for getting listed on almost
all of the major Search Engines.

Let's not forget that DMOZ and Yahoo are Directories not Search Engines.

Link popularity means nothing to a human edited directory.
After all, how would they know how many other sites are linked to yours?
I am sure there are probably a few DMOZ editors on this list that can tell
us what "they" look for in a site.

!> But yah, DMOZ.org is probably the way to go... I
!> know I love it... But then, I'm an editor too, so I suppose I'm biased.

!Does anyone else have any experience with referrals from DMOZ? Or any sort
!of experience?

DMOZ Rules!
They have the largest most complete listing.
You want to be cautious when submitting though. It can be very difficult to
change or add your site to other categories once you are listed. So plan
ahead and be sure you are submitting to the correct category.


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