[thelist] RSS or Scriptingnews feed

Bryan deSilva improvisations at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 15 20:11:38 CDT 2001

Thanks all:

What I'm looking for is one of the standard 'newsfeed' formats like rss.xml,
or scriptingNews2.xml. ScriptingNews2 is really a better choice IMO, but rss
is more commonly used. I use Radio Userland http://radio.userland.com as my
aggregate for tons of syndicated stuff, weblogs, discussion lists, etc. If
it's not there, or coming to Outlook as email, it's not likely to be read as
I have SO MUCH STUFF <g>.

Dave Winer of Userland fame talks about rss
http://backend.userland.com/rss092 , soap and other standards if you're


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: From: zac
: aardvark wrote:
: > this help?
: > http://www.evolt.org/xml/articles/index.html
: >
: > it's an XML feed of the current headlines on the evolt.org home
: > page...

there's also an rdf feed as well:


: The server is sending it as a plain text file
: (I believe). Any chance you can change the MIME
: type and serve it as an XML file?

sure, let me know the mime type it should be sending it as and i'll make the
necessary changes.

: Interesting structure. Any reason you're sending
: the URL as char data instead of making it a node?

probably because it's an old standard it was built from.  it was built very

: Why not use an existing format like RSS 0.9 instead?

probably cause that's come out since this file was made.  got a link to info
on that?



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