[thelist] little javascript help requested.

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun Apr 15 20:46:13 CDT 2001

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> > > Can it even be done?
> >
> > Ya, but it doesn't work like that. It isn't reading in a file... the
> > *IS* that javascript file. In other words, that javascript file is just
> > bunch of document.write's that write the syndicated content onto
> > and on whatever site that javascript is called.
> >
> > dig?
> yes, I dig.. but it's killing the whole implementation that I currently
> have.. sigh...
> I was planning on reusing that Site A html file for a few things, but I
> won't be able to reuse the javascript file.. Oh well, back to the drawing
> board...

why not dynamically generate a JS file from your html using CGI?

e.g. site B references http://sitea.com/cgi-bin/jsgen?page=/a.html&ext=.js
site A generates a bunch of document.writes for each line of HTML between
body tags, the page when rendered from site B includes the HTML from site A
(although image references would have to be rendered absolutely instead of

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